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kscraft 2.01 has been released!

You can find the latest Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator from the project download page. Please read the Download Instructions before jumping to the installer program!

Please notice that there is one .msi for the installer and that's the only file you need if you aren't planning to dig into the source code (which we encourage you to do if you know anything at all about programming!) You'll find various resources on the menu of this download page, including our bug tracker, user forums and other downloads of the source code, and we welcome constructive feedback!

You may want an item database...

kscraft doesn't come with an item database! Shocking, but this is a tool for crafters, first and foremost, and we don't have time to maintain a database. You can find databases here:

contact us if you host a database to be added to our list.

Version 2 also adds the ability to look up items from Ethinarg's Database online! You will need a login to his Workshop website before you can access the item database from within the calculator, and be sure to fill in your user name and password correctly.

About the Authors

Not much to say, stuff of legend, yadda yadda.

Kort's old URL's are down, he's using this site primarilly for Spellcrafting project things.

Ehrayn's page has various articles that might interest you crafters. He's sometimes found on Gaheris or Pendragon.

Please, don't nag the authors! If you don't help us fix it - you are part of the problem (that's Open Source!) We read the user lists at the kscraft project page and the bugs and suggestions entries. We've also been know to lurk at the Tradeskills forum on vnboards. That's about it, post to one of these forums or databases, but please don't email looking for help! There are thousands of users, only two of us, and you aren't paying for this program (although your donations are welcome and used for good purposes) so please don't treat the authors as if you were. You'll be surprised how many other users will help you when you post to these forums.


Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator and the efforts of the kscraft sourceforge project are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation. See NOTICE.txt in the source code and binary distribution for details and dependencies.

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